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Some people forget that love is
tucking you in and kissing you
“Good night”
no matter how young or old you are

Some people don’t remember that
love is
listening and laughing and asking
no matter what your age

Few recognize that love is
commitment, responsibility
no fun at all

Love is
You and me

Love Is by Nikki Giovanni 

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Do not teach your daughters to be ‘pretty.’

Do not entomb her in a pretty pink tower
and insist that only the degree of her physical appeal
may set her free.
Teach her to fight her way out,
to consume books and spit knowledge
to lesser boys who insist she is just beautiful
and nothing more.

Teach her to love her body
not to manipulate and put a price tag on herself
as a defined worth
she shall be immeasurable
she shall be more than this.

Do not let her break herself down
when the boy in kindergarden hits her
because he likes her.
What are you really teaching her?
Pain and love are not synonymous
neither are pretty and perfection.

Teach her to be kind
to be harsh
to be demure
to be wild
to be sensitive
to be thick-skinned

But good god,

Do not teach your daughters to be ‘pretty.’

Michelle K., Do Not Teach Your Daughters to Be ‘Pretty.’ (via michellekpoems)

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Malo - Suavecito (1972)

here’s the live version:


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Amy Winehouse after hearing she has just won her first Grammy (2008)

Okay I’m reblogging this again because THAT is a fucking reaction to winning your first Grammy, not Lorde’s creepy-ass psychotic emotionless death-stare, the little shit….

This always makes me tear up ♥

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